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The power of optimism: freedom to take safe risks and attract positive rewards while increasing emotional well-being


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The Transform U! Live Show will help you to recover from the explosions of surprises that moments may bring especially when they are bad. Listen for guidance on how to take clear holistic steps when feeling weak and defeated. Enjoy expert guests in the field of wellness and business that bring you of inspiring stories for free on any podcast app or right here 

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In this new moment we can help you begin where you are and breathe once again using our 100% free Transform U! Online Workshop Program. Use the power of optimism and transformation to transform your life into the next chapter. Watch and listen to a combination of different content that's delivered upon completion at your own pace.

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When you've gone through difficult times before you can recall the trauma of feeling alone and guilty for not seeking help when the situation got worst. Our community is designed to support you when you are in need of comfort and additional guidance. We provide a soundboard for you to take safe risks to reap increased rewards. Networking opportunities and more..

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