"We had a fantastic, substantive, informative conversation on the show. Marcus is a wonderful host with helpful insightful and interesting contributions to make to the discussion."
- Christine Perakis
Transform U! Guest Booking Options
Breakout Shot
10-15 Minute Segment on one of our popular shows. Includes advertising, promo, and community access.
Stopping By
20-30 Minute Segment on one of our popular shows of your choice. Includes advertising, promo, additional marketing support, community access, and episode replay.
Celebrity Talk
45-60+ Minute Show on one of our popular shows of your choice. Includes full celebrity style marketing package and exposure, community access, episode replays 3x, and additional support with our talent management team.
Special Guest
Join as a fill-in or Co-Host a show with one of our top content producers for a premium broadcast special. Includes all the bells and whistles of a Celebrity Talk interview package.
Frequently asked questions

Are interview recordings live?
Guest interviews are prerecorded. Guest are only recorded live when they book one of our premier interview packages and request a live recording option.
Will I get a link to download my interview?
All guest who interview are provided with a link to use to promote their interview episode and download for any use they would like.
Where can I listen or view my interview?
We broadcast across multiple online media broadcasting platforms. We provide links along with official release dates of the episode as scheduled for each platform that it will air on. We broadcast currently to 20+ podcast directories and sub-directories to include iTunes, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, Stitcher, Google Play, and more. We also broadcast to YouTube, Periscope, Roku, Paetron, Amazon Prime Video, and more. We air on WTLB-Digital Broadcast internet radio and Transform U! - TV.
Will you provide me or my publicist with a promo or marekting link? 
Yes, all guest will receive promo and other additional marketing images, videos, and/or links to use to help bring awareness of the official release date of their episode.
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